for “Emotion in Motion”

Our company has gone through hard times. Thanks to the successful rebranding strategy our company has loads of customers all over the world, constantly increasing revenue and more. "Emotion in Motion" is in high demand among young enthusiasts, as well as experienced professionals.

Our competitors feel perplexed. We feel great. The market is ours now thanks to your assistance.

Emotion in Motion director

Project details

The "Emotion in Motion" rebranding was developed by our team, taking into account the company's activity since its foundation. The new brand that we came up with is an example of what a modern company should be in our digital world.

Project details

The Herba's website redesign was created with the latest techniques in web development. We implemented the latest trends in web design and programming to make a top notch website for "Herba". All considerations were taken into account.

Website Redesign

for "Herba"

Our website has a long history. It was launched in 1999. Since then its original design has never been changed. A few years ago we realized that it was a big mistake. In the era of new technologies and the Internet, a website is no less important than a company's staff or reputation. Our reputation was failed.

Thanks to Sam and his team we have a new start. Our brand new website attracts new customers every day.

Herba's top manager

Business Plan

for "Golden Feather"

At the time when we contacted Sam and his team, we were making only first steps in business. Lack of experience forced us to search for third-party assistance. Sam proved himself as a manager of a successful company. His team helped lots of my colleagues to save the own businesses.

I highly appreciate the work of the company. They've done everything to prevent business disaster. Thanks and good luck!

chief manager in Golden Feather

Project details

Working with this project, we created a strategy plan for a Dave's company from scratch. We knew his business expectations and goals. This fact played significant role. Creating this or that plan we require the most detailed information without any limitations.